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me·di·a·tion   \ mēdēˈāSH(ə)n\  n.   

1. The attempt to bring about a peaceful settlement or compromise between warring nations through the benevolent intervention of a neutral party.


John Harens 
Attorney at Law

After working almost 20 years as a civil litigator, Mr. Harens realized alternative dispute resolution and mediation were his true calling.

After mediating over 100 disputes as Chairman of the ADR panel for Minnesota’s Ramsey County District Court, Mr. Harens was judicially “grandfathered” into the first pool of ADR neutrals approved by the Minnesota Supreme Court in 1994.


He has devoted his practice to the resolution of large complex civil litigation cases, with a special emphasis on multiparty cases. Mr. Harens believes in the sanctity of the neutrality of ADR providers while maintaining his personal passion for doing what he does well and with vigor. He works extremely hard to get the parties to complex litigation to recognize the risks inherent in taking and refusing to moderate unreasonable or intransient positions.

Mr. Harens has an undergraduate degree in Mathematics from the U of M Institute of Technology which drives him to analyze claims and defenses and always “do the math” with respect to each scenario that confronts a litigant in the modern world of civil litigation. He is committed to the process and has a reputation that he will virtually never give up and will always follow-up.

Rochelle Hanson has worked with Mr. Harens as his paralegal since 2001 and is extremely hands-on in the process, contributing to the success of the practice.

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